Intensity Martial Arts is a professional martial arts school specializing in teaching Tae Kwon Do to all ages (1.5 years old and up), and Kickboxing for adults as well.  Our style of Tae Kwon Do is a Korean combat art with roots in the Chung Do Kwan / Oh Do Kwan systems.  Our classes are taught in a friendly, professional atmosphere providing our students the opportunity to grow both mentally and physically. At IMA all students will train with World and National champions, learn life lessons pertinent but not limited to self-defense, and build self-esteem. All students will also acquire knowledge about proper nutrition, learn to have respect for everyone, and build listening skills & focus skills to get tasks completed.  Most importantly, students will learn how to work hard and have fun doing it!

What is our Karate school so INTENSE about? Intensity Martial Arts is intense about:

  • Our core values: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, and Self Discipline
  • Creating student Leaders that aren't afraid to make the right choices
  • Having fun while working up a sweat 
  • Providing high quality instruction and guidance 
  • Giving our students the tools necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones protected 
  • Creating a family atmosphere where all ideas are shared without fear 
  • and making a mark in our neighborhood as a safe haven for our community members

If you are as intense about learning as we are about teaching, schedule your FREE CLASS TODAY to see what we are all about!!