Our traditional art is the Korean Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do.  Today Tae Kwon Do is practiced all around the world, and the physical and mental training has been to the benefit of all ages, races, and handicaps.  The intent of the original founders of Tae Kwon Do was to spread it’s teachings all around the world. It was designed as a blue print for mental, physical, and moral success in life.



We believe Martial arts training is paramount to a child’s success in life.  There is no other venue where kids of all sizes, shapes, and physical abilities can come together in harmony.  They learn life skills through the discipline of practice, morality through our teaching of core values, tolerance and compassion for their peers, and self defense awareness to ward off bullies. Here at Intensity Martial Arts, we promise to keep a safe environment where your child can thrive and grow into a future Leader.  Check out our class schedule and drop by our school!  We’d love to meet you!!



Young adults are welcome in a safe environment to get through those hard teen years. The focus of Tae Kwon Do training keeps our teens out of trouble and gives them a forum to aim their aggression in a positive way. Through our leadership program here at Intensity Martial Arts, we focus on empowering our students to make positive choices to help our community.

For Adults, we highly recommend Tae Kwon Do training.  Stress will melt away through vigorous physical training, not to mention you will see a huge improvement in strength and flexibility. Our moving meditation exercises are known to lift fog from the mind and improve clarity of thought. Training is tailored to each individual’s need and physical ability. Because of this, many Tae Kwon Do practitioners have been known to train well into their 90’s.


We invite you to come see for yourself, and get started with a trial at our studio!

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