Our Instructors & Staff

Our Instructors care about the future of our community.  We provide a safe and clean learning environment.  Children and Young Adults at IMA learn core values and valuable life skills necessary to stay safe in today’s society.  At IMA we are committed to creating leaders that aren’t afraid to make the right decisions.  Our Martial Arts program also focuses on working hard and having fun!  You’ll always see smiles and sweat here at Intensity Martial Arts!

We invite you to come visit our facility to meet our staff and to enroll in our Trial program!


Sahbumnim Jeremy Keller, Owner – Head Instructor

Sahbumnim Jeremy is a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He has a mixed background of Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Tai Chi Chuan, and Wing Chun.  Sah Bum Nim Jeremy studies under Master Eric San Jose of Eric San Jose Martial Arts (Long Island, NY), and is certified by the International Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Association “ITBA” under Grand Master Tae Sun Kang.

Sahbumnim Jeremy has competed in many tournaments in both Forms and Fighting and has earned national and world rankings in the North American Sport Karate circuit.   Review his accomplishments here!

For more than 20 years, Sahbumnim Jeremy has been teaching Martial Arts to all age groups.  He is passionate to teach the art of Tae Kwon Do to any who are willing to learn. Through his teaching, he has molded many champions who have excelled in both competition and everyday life.  Sahbumnim Jeremy shares the philosophy that learning is a never ending process and greatness is achievable by anyone who takes the time to reach out for it.

Sahbumnim Jeremy recently moved out to Alameda to start a family with his wife Sahmonim Susan Keller.  He is glad to be able to follow his dreams and start a school in such a great community!


Sahmonim Susan Keller, Owner – Executive Director

Sahmonim Susan is a school teacher of eight years.  Her work and studies have always included children, and rightly so!  If you meet her and see how children just flock to her, you’ll understand why she’s devoted so much of her life to their growth.  Sahmonim Susan has a keen ability to understand children’s thoughts and relay information to them in a manner that they understand and retain.  If any of our students have questions on homework, they go to Sahmonim Susan directly, often bypassing our academically qualified Instructor staff!  She also offers one-on-one tutoring if needed.

Sahmonim Susan approves all of our Karate Camps and After school Program agendas to ensure that all our students get a well rounded experience both academically and physically. After every camp day, our students are asked to reflect on their day and write about what they’ve learned. This is very important to a child’s learning aiding in comprehension and absorption of all materials.  Sahmonim Susan takes pride in channeling her professional skills toward the betterment of all of her students here at Intensity Martial Arts.

To find out more about Tutoring, After School programs, or any other martial arts programs offered at our school, you may contact Sahmonim Susan anytime!


Sahbumnim Michael Castilla, Senior Instructor

Sahbumnim Michael Castilla has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He has also studied other arts including Kickboxing, Capoeira, and Wing Chun.  Sahbumnim Michael grew up in New York and attended the same Tae Kwon Do school as Sahbumnim Jeremy.  While Sahbumnim Michael considers Sahbumnim Jeremy one of his instructors, they both shared the same senior instructors that have made a huge impact in their Martial Arts progression.  Instructors such as Grandmaster Howard Chung, Grandmaster John Chung, Master Eric San Jose, and Master Youngeun Park.

Sahbumnim Michael shares a unique view on instruction and offers a great perspective on close and long range sparring.  He is a favorite amongst the students at IMA, and they look forward to seeing him come and teach class.

Sahbumnim Michael is a constant leader both as an instructor at IMA, as well as in his career at  a non-profit Bay Area company.  He is the Assistant Director at East Bay Innovations Supported Employment Services. His job is to secure work for handicapable individuals and provide job coaching so that they may sustain the work.  Many of the individuals he’s worked with have made careers and independent lives for themselves due to his diligent caring and coaching.  Now Sahbumnim Michael trains other job coaches to walk in his footsteps and empower individuals with the skills needed to gain job opportunities that normally would not be available.

Sahbumnim Michael juggles working, teaching, and taking care of his handsome one year old son Leo & his wife Chau.  When his wife, son, or job is not constraining his time, you will usually see Sahbumnim Michael teaching our 5pm class every Tuesday and helping preside over our Monthly Belt exams.


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