What are Others Saying About Intensity Martial Arts?

If you are interested in taking karate lessons for your child or yourself at Intensity Martial Arts, please take a moment to read what others are saying. We know that you will discover that our martial arts school is worth a visit!


“Had my son there and he learned a lot from Jeremy. He is a GREAT instructor.. Love the way he treats his students. Very nice person.. Would definitely recommend IMA to all my friends”
Maria M.
Oakland, CA


“Jeremy is an excellent instructor. His classes are fun and challenging and he has a great connection with his students. In each class, he builds confidence and motivates each student to do his/her best.”
Anna S.
Alameda, CA



“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jeremy Keller Sah Bum Nim for more than 20 years. He’s a class act. He expects nothing but excellence is his students, but knows how to have a good time while getting there. He was a great competitor and an even greater person.”
Eric San Jose (Master Jeremy’s Instructor)


“Sabunim Jeremy is great with the kids, as well as adults.  He is always even-keeled, loves the art, its foundations and principles.

His humble passion reflects in the blossoming and winning of his students.  If you want to be a part of the Alameda community, you will surely be at home in this studio.”
Alameda, CA



“Wonderful atmosphere and the staff is amazing too!!! I would totally recommend IMA to other people!!! Keep it up”
Mirnaly O.
Alameda, CA



“IMA is a great family TKD and kickboxing school. Jeremy is kind and patient with his students of all ages. He emphasizes core values that build character. He has taught our kids to be gentle and kind–but how to kick butt too–only as a last resort. Kids at all ages will feel welcomed and not intimidated at Jeremy and Susan’s school.”
Steve G.
Alameda, CA



“Jeremy is awesome! He’s great with the kids and provides excellent instruction. He makes you feel like family!”
Nicole P.
Alameda, CA


“I signed up for Taekwondo at IMA about 7 months ago when I was at a very low point in my life. I have always wanted to learn martial arts but never before had a chance, so at age 30 and desperate for something to look forward to, I went online one day and started calling all the martial arts schools in Alameda. I got the best and the quickest response from IMA, so I readily eliminated all the other options. I just a had a very strong intuition that this was exactly what I needed and that proved right.

For the last 7 months and still I go to class with so much joy and excitement for learning as well as seeing people I have come to love.
I could be having an awful day that day, but when I go to class in the evening I get an instant mood shift to considerably better. I have learnt so much and got in such better shape I regret not having found out about IMA sooner. That is because this training as a whole is not just about learning a few cool tricks of self defense or learning how to fight well; it is an all-comprehensive training in how to be a better human being; in having higher morals, better awareness and most importantly a humbled ego. This is why I encourage kids of all ages to go, especially boys who in general struggle more with impulse control and communication skills .

Its also been a great observational experience in witnessing how this training is shaping the personalities of these kids. Regardless of what kind of parenting they are getting at home, when they come to Taekwondo class, which is just like their second family, they are getting the training they need in order to be considerate and kind to other kids and adults, to treat each other like family/team members, to be able to control and learn not to abuse their power and to have the discipline to keep working to get much better. Equally important, these kids learn to stand up for themselves and their rights- they build a strong character and become brave enough to defend themselves by confronting a threatening challenge when its the last resort, instead of being complacent or submissive in the face of real danger. By being desensitized to the initially intimidating act of fighting a sparring partner, they are also psychologically preparing themselves for situations they may encounter in real life.

Also, our instructor Jeremy is someone who is very patient and understanding and he can maintain authority with the students without being a harsh authoritarian- based on respect, not fear. It is a very delicate balance especially with kids, making the class so educational while being so much fun and positive an experience in a light hearted but disciplined manner. Its also a huge plus that the kids have the privilidge of having a real fully trained school teacher, our instructor’s wife Susan to help kids after school with all their homework, which you don’t get at other schools. You can easily tell just how much they genuinely care about the well being of all their students. They make sure everyone gets personal attention while adjusting their training according to individual need.

So I very strongly recommend people of all ages to go sign up at this school. I would say everyone needs this training. Women especially do need the self-defense even if they aren’t particularly interested in becoming competitive later in tournaments. This training brings out the power women have but often lay hidden in their psyche due to many societal factors. No women should ever be subject to violence, but the reality is that they do in significantly high numbers especially in this society. A part of healing this enormous ill of society will take on the part of women to never allow it, whether that be never getting involved with violent men, or physically making him wish he never even got close to her when she completely disables him from hurting her.

Do go to IMA, try out the first class for free and I am sure you too will make your decision to commit to this training right away. I can’t emphasize enough how much it helped me, so I do wish the same for everyone else.”
Erinch K.



“Jeremy at IMA is one of my best martial arts companion.  I’ve know him for over 20 years and we have competed in our younger years together.  He is an amazing martial artist!  What I love about Jeremy is he is still a student of the art even though he has so much credibility and experience.  His passion and dedication with others is so genuine.  He really cares about his students well being.  As a martial arts instructor I strive everyday to be a great instructor and friend like Jeremy.  Thank you for being a great role model.”
Allen Sandoval (MA Colleague of Master Keller)
Gilbert, AZ



“for many years i’ve watched mr. keller perform martial arts . first in classes and then in tournaments around the country. every year that went by i was  fascinated by the change within him. first as a young man, and then as he became an adult. he is motivated, he is intelligent and brings much needed innovation to the martial arts field . his knowledge of how children think is invaluable. just watching him motivate kids to a level of perfection in adulthood is mind boggling. his level of teaching brings a new standard to the martial arts community . i do not write this review as  the father of jeremy keller, but as an observer for 21 years. many of the students he has taught have gone on to become professionals in their working lives and maintain a good relationship to this day with him. if they ever need advice or help they can always count on jeremy. he never forgets his students . please do not think i am writing this review to get business,  i do this because he is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone he teaches. the values he instills in students is good for the community, the parents of the students, and the world as a whole.”
Denis Keller (father of school owner Jeremy Keller)
Alameda, CA



“My kids absolutely love Jeremy and IMA. He knows how to individually work with and inspire each child to develop their skills and self-confidence. His wife, Susan, a first grade teacher, is there for support and helps the students with their study. We have been there for about 6 months now, and it has enable my kids much better fitness and character strength.

It is a wonderful group and each student gets personal attention. We have a good routine of going twice a week, and we have built relationships with the other students and families. The values from IMA have become a cornerstone of my family.”
Alameda, CA



“Our son has been going to Intensity Martial Arts for about a year now. Every day after school he looks forward to going to class. Most days he requests to arrive early!

I can not express enough how happy we are as parents to have our son be a part of this team. The instructor Jeremy is not only really excellent at what he does but he is also well known in Tae Kwon Do around the country. He still competes and almost every month there is a new 1st place trophy in his studio signifying his accomplishment(s). He trained under a world renown Tae Kwon Do Master in NYC for many years. When you visit Intensity Martial Arts you can see the proof on the wall. There are many autographed magazines from a personal level to Master Jeremy Keller from famous martial artists– one being Chuck Norris.

The atmosphere here is second to none. All the parents are happy to see each other and we enjoy talking and watching our children grow more confident. The theme at Intensity Martial Arts is Integrity, Courtesy, Self Discipline, and Perseverance. Weekly I see our son displaying these “core values” at school, home, and at Intensity Martial Arts. It is such a blessing.

Master Jeremy Keller teaches all ages. At around 4pm he instructs the “Turtle” class with children up to about age 10.  At 5pm, the “Ninja” class begins and it accommodates children to around 12 or 13. This is the class our son is in. At 6pm the adult class begins and it has a good mixture of teens and adults. As an example of Master Keller’s teaching ability, he took on a woman that is in her 40’s and after a few months of instruction and positive reassurance she ended up winning a first place trophy at a Tae Kwon Do tournament here in the San Fran Bay area.

Master Jeremy Keller and his wife absolutely love operating this facility. I enjoy going to our sons class and hanging out just because it feels like family there. I often fantasize about taking the adult class. Maybe this winter when things slow down at work I will be able to begin.

When we moved here a few years ago we looked very hard for a Martial Art school for our son to attend. He was already a Orange belt in Karate from when we lived in Monterey CA.   We knew what we were looking for.  We found Master Keller and within 15 minutes of conversation I knew he was the man I wanted teaching our son.

The other day I was playing with our son and we started punching and kicking at each other. I am 5′-8″ and around 190 lbs. and have been in the military for 13 years. Honestly I was having a time trying to catch our son. He was dancing around me laughing and striking me with his feet and hands. The few times I got close to making contact with him he was able to throw a block and then started running around me again laughing. I thought about it that night and I noticed that not only has our son’s confidence increased, but also ours, as parents.  I realized that we are not so paranoid when he goes in public without us and I have been letting him run over to his friend’s house more and more over the past few weeks. This feeling of certainty as a parent is HUGE and it has been made possible by Master Keller.

Before I finish I would also like to share that Master Keller has a really good relationship with other Martial Artists around the bay area. He cross-trains with them many days in a month. This action makes everyone more well rounded at their Art. Master Keller takes all the new-found techniques and incorporates them little by little in his teachings at his facility. I think that this is a phenomenal move because, like I said before, it makes one familiar with other styles of Martial Arts. (Very strategic in my opinion.)

Intensity Martial Arts studio is, hands down, a superb place to learn Tae Kwon Do. Each month there are more students and I am constantly witnessing people become more confident in life and in self defense. Master Keller is extremely fair on his pricing. He conducts his studio from his heart and his priority is to see people advance and become more athletic and certain about themselves.

I highly recommend this place. I look forward to seeing you there as a parent or a student. You will be treated with respect and will feel very comfortable. If you are learning the Art, I promise your going to get what you want. You have my word!

Justin P.
Alameda, CA


“Wow! It’s awesome to see this group train with other groups and studios.”
Allen S.
Alameda, CA



“I’ve been training in Martial Arts for over 20 years and I can vouch that Intensity Martial Arts is a great school to learn and grow in.

For me I feel that the instructor, Jeremy Keller, has a lot to offer and has an impressive background and experience with both forms competition to full contact kickboxing. He is an all around martial artist.

With his knowledge, he has really fine tuned my technique and  knows how to deliver a great work out.

For beginner students, I am 100% positive that if you have the dedication, Jeremy will guide you in becoming an elite martial artist within six months. I am serious that you will earn a medal or trophy in any tournament.

In all cases, if you are not interested in competing, training at Intensity Martial Arts will give you a healthy passion for both fitness and confidence that will stick with you for the rest of your life.”
Mike C. (IMA instructor)
Oakland, CA




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